It is now a fact that a good CCTV system is a strong deterrent against criminal activity and anti-social behaviour.

It does this by providing 24hr surveillance of you premises and recording events and motion, inside and around the premises.

We at TKR Alarms design to your requirements after consultation, the best system that suits you. We then install a TVI   or IP system to your needs.

We only use the latest CCTV products on the market. We can also upgrade your old system to a digital system.

We design and install for shops, pubs schools and commercial premises. We can install for a small premises a 4 channel system with 4 cameras, monitor, DVR and power supplies, for larger premises an 8 channel, 16 channel and 32 channel systems.

We stock a wide range of digital ,TVI and IP cameras eg. dome, vandal proof dome IR camera’s, infa red bullet camera’s, PTZ camera’s and number plate camera’s. All camera’s are 2 MP,3MP 4 MP Vandal proof Domes or Bullet Cameras

Our digital recorders come with all different size hard drives 500GB, 1TB, 2TB etc, all recording at 1080P @ 25 frames per second.

TKR Alarms can set-up for you live footage on your iPhone, tablet or laptop and can control your DVR remotely.

3 year warranty on all DVRS, 2 Years on cameras & full training given on installation day.

CCTV Systems


A CCTV system should provide good quality images and to give good quality recordings on DVR recorders day and night.

Camera Types

A few different types of cameras are

  1. Dome vandal cameras IR (external)
  2. Dome camera Internal
  3. Fixed camera’s
  4. Box camera’s and housing
  5. PTZ camera’s
  6. I.R camera’s
  7. I.p camera’s
  8. TVI cameras


Footage is recorded from a camera on to a recorders hard drive where it can be viewed remotely or on site.

beneficial-Video-surveillance-signsAdvantages of CCTV

  1. Reduce the need of security personnel
  2. Used a evidence
  3. Staff monitoring
  4. Deterrent against crime

Calving Camera’s

cctv foaling kitsWe supply and install calving & foaling camera’s consisting of

  1. Bullet IR camera’s
  2. DVR recorder
  3. Monitor
  4. Power Supplies
cctv calving kits

  1. Bullet IR camera’s
  2. DVR recorder
  3. Monitor
  4. Transmitter/receiver kit
  5. Power supplies


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