Intruder/Burglar Alarms

burglar alarmsWe at TKR Alarms know how important it is for the customer & family in the design of a system for your home or business premises.

We will design a wired or wireless new alarm to suit your every need and more important we listen to what the customer says and needs.

We also upgrade old systems that are not working for you and will advise on how to get the most from your system on a day to day basis, to protect your business or home.

With all new alarm systems we will provide the required paperwork/EQA certificate for the insurance company. With this certificate for your insurance company you will be entitled to discount off your insurance.

We can also offer you a maintenance contract at installation of new system or for an upgrade of your system.

Wired Alarms

wired alarm panelIf your system is pre-wired at windows & doors, hallway & external wall, we can off you a wired alarm with the following features.

Control Panel & Keyboard

This monitors all your alarm sensors and lets you know by your keypad what actions to take.

  • Turn on/off
  • Inhibit a zone
  • Partguard some sensors

Keypad normally at the door with built in panic button.

Shock Sensors/Contacts

shock sensor alarm

These are placed on your windows & doors and if these detect an intruder it will set off internal bell & external bell.

External Bell

Situated at front of house with built in strobe rotations left to right. When sensors triggered siren emits loud noise and the three LED’s on front of bell flash constantly. This is designed to deter intruders.


panic button alarmKnown as beams are designed to cover large areas monitoring for movement. Can also be used as backup in hall areas. Will set off alarm when movement is detected, setting of bells

Panic Buttons

Most important to people living alone, normally in bedrooms or halls and when pushed will activate alarm for monitoring station or keyholders.

Digi Test Cards or GSM Units

Used to send signals to keyholders or monitoring stations that alarm has been activated

Wireless Alarms

wireless alarm panelFor homes that are not pre-wired wireless alarms can be fitted. You can put wireless shock/contacts on windows and doors, beams in hallways, all bells internal and external, wireless keypads and power to control panel.

All parts of alarm fitted with no wires and little fuss.

Wireless Alarm Features

Control Panel
External/Internal Bells

CCTV System

See our range of CCTV systems available that will help you protect your home or business premises…